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D24 Durian Roll - 8pcs

D24 Durian Roll - 8pcs

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A twist from the classic love letter egg rolls, these D24 Durian Rolls by FORBIDDEN are made with a French Cookie [Langues de Chat] recipe and premium D24 durians from Pahang.

The end result is a FORBIDDEN Love Letter bursting with rich durian aroma. They are 5 times thicker than your typical egg rolls & don’t fall into pieces when you pick them up.

Natural Ingredients
Baked with all-natural ingredients and premium D24 Durians carefully harvested from plantations in Pahang. No additives are used.

Individually Packed and Sealed
Each D24 Durian Roll is individually packed to maintain freshness and crispness.

FORBIDDEN is part of SunnyHills World Project, working with partners around the world who share the same passion for the environment and the people who care for the land.

Shipping & Returns

Standard shipping takes around 3-5 working days upon date selected.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight

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We honor durians by creating the best durian experience with their expertise, so durian lovers all over could share their love and passion of durian and take it further.